China’s Internet advertising marketing market trend analysis of 10 kinds of new

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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Papers Category: Computer Papers - Search Research Papers Post Time:2011-6-25 11:12:00 ( Research papers Download News) in 2009 just in the past, interactive marketing, the market experienced a downturn - pick-up - to adjust a development cycle of the market volatility of the competitiveness of enterprises, advertisers pay more attention to improve interactive marketing tools, methods, and improve ROI Internet companies to further optimize their marketing products and services, interactive marketing industry as a whole professional factors can be significantly improved in this process, the interactive marketing industry is undergoing various changes and change, marketing knowledge, marketing products, marketing forms, marketing ideas etc from both vertical and horizontal direction of the deepening and expansion of the Internet media, marketing tools and models has been changing, wet marketing, interactive marketing, micro-catalytic mode of communication is change. In 2009, China's online advertising market experienced a downturn - pick-up - to adjust a development cycle by the financial crisis in 2009, first half of the Chinese online advertising market downturn, revenue decreased 7.5% year on year, the overall Internet marketing market is only slightly growth of 2.9%. Second half of 2009, the economic situation began to ease, confident of economic growth began to pick up, online advertising market is gradually recovering from the year 2009, it seems, the size of the overall online advertising market, revenue grew 3.5%, the annual size of 12.32 billion yuan, reversed the trend decline in the first half, but the growth rate in 2008 decreased compared to 51.4 percent, up by online marketing rose 13.8% compared to 2008 annual growth rate down 49.3 percentage points. Search engine size: DCCI statistics show that in 2009 the year the Chinese Internet search engine service providers scale to 7.01 billion yuan revenue, an increase of 38% of the financial crisis on the impact of search engine internet marketing income is less than comprehensive portal, but compared to the 2008 annual growth rate fell 48.3 percentage points. DCCI in 2010 the search engine will gradually bottom out, the growth rate back to 42.2%, revenue is expected to reach 9.97 billion yuan .2010, Baidu's Phoenix Nest full switch, the market's focus will be more concentrated in the top three industry Baidu, Google, search up the competition. Soso in 2009 there will be more large-scale promotion, Google in North America after trying new forms of advertising can be extended to the domestic market has yet to determine .2010, Baidu, Google, search users will be further escalation of competition, while also facing Bing and Taobao, Sogou catch up, how the search engine market structure changes, will wait and see. China's Internet advertising marketing market (including the search included) Total size: 2009, China's Internet advertising and marketing (Online Marketing) the total size of 19.33 billion yuan, up 13.8 percentage points, China online marketing market in both search and display advertising slowdown growth rate of the circumstances, it stopped before the annual pace of more than 50% growth in the economic rebound situation, DCCI is expected in 2010 China's Internet market will reach 22.0% of the market resumed growth, revenue is expected to reach 235.9 billion in 2012 will exceed 40 billion. DCCI statistics show that the financial crisis in 2009 put the size of online advertising sales growth rate reduced to 13.5% in the year .2008 scale launch online advertising sales (including agents included) was 231 billion yuan in the year 2009, the network the scale of advertising and marketing for the 26.22 billion yuan invested. DCCI expected, with the gradual recovery of the economic environment, advertisers on the recognition of the effect of online advertising and online advertising to increase the higher of the price and other factors, China's Internet advertising in 2010 will will resume growth, the total will reach 31.76 billion yuan, up 21.1% over 2009. Note: Internet advertising, including the sub-scale refers to the type of network media advertising revenue (portals, industry websites, communities, e-mail, various software and other types of advertising media, the Internet segment), search engine advertising revenues and online advertising agency as the agents income. In 2010, China's online advertising market will tend to show the development of the following ten: 1:2010 online advertising market recovery trend growth, the growth rate increased gradually. DCCI predicted that by 2010 online advertising revenue size (not including search engine advertising) will reach 13.62 billion yuan, the growth rate has gone up, growth of 10.6% over 2009 .2010 is a major event focused on the year, from the World Cup to Expo to the Asian Games, the network broadcast a new round of media coverage in turn battle staged behind the advertising and marketing to promote the war and more worthy of attention .2009 by the end of the growth will be further pressure on the release callback, 2010,2011 online advertising market will return to the track of rapid growth in the economy is increasingly warmer situation, the end of 2009 will further increase pressure on the release callback, 2010, 2011, China will gradually return to network marketing high-growth track. ² a major driving force for online advertising revenue size: 2010 major events such as the World Cup, Asian Games, World Expo, the show will be the online advertising market and other growth accelerators. Big event marketing, sports marketing, advertisers have become the key entry point for marketing . According DCCI2009 China's Internet Survey data show that more high-end users via the Internet about sports, along with the current development of sports industry, Internet users increased enthusiasm for sports, professional sports marketing services is necessary, leveraging the internet sports marketing should gradually become a trend, but in the end the extent to which, really achieve major sports events, teams and sponsors advertising network docking, is still very challenging for the upcoming World Cup, the use of the Internet sports marketing will become the focus of the market. Trend 2: Internet media, marketing tools and models has been changing, catalytic wet marketing is changing patterns of interactive marketing. Internet business marketing is also undergoing some changes, "hard-wide is not hard, not soft soft" in the online advertising before the common marketing activities, the future of Internet advertising will be more to interact with consumers, stakeholders the direction of high the future is wet, the future of Internet marketing is wet; micro-propagation, 2009, the most popular online media is represented by Twitter, the micro-blog, micro blog is a gradual transition from traditional media to the Internet era, the media, In the media, everyone is the media, people's attention and activity has been greatly improved, I believe that in the near future, the spread of micro-power will be enormous. Compared with the traditional "dry" marketing, marketing starting point, the process, the results are "wet" marketing it is called "wet" Marketing: First, the starting point of marketing is wet. That the appeal is wet, creativity is wet. How? Accurate segmentation of the appeal and creativity are key to this appeal, and creativity itself requires very precise, you can lock itself live in the target population, and has a strong segment of Apple's "white" headphones, white Notebook, Apple's "i" and so the difference in the design and emotional demands of making consumers buy their products for their own label, highlight the his maverick personality, fashion unique identity; Obama's "Change" really wet the American desire to change the status quo of the parties needs. Second, the marketing process is wet, including three aspects: ² wet path, the path is wet C2C marketing model (the traditional model of B2C marketing is dry), that the demands of information between users continue to show the viral spread, with a significant social (Social Networking) feature, each the audience is the recipient of the information bit is a communicator of information. To achieve this, companies need good social environment to control the sidelines of opinion leaders, and advocates a high degree of involvement in the brand, so marketing to the positive development; but To keep democracy, because it is social demands, otherwise not a society, therefore, in social marketing communications, enterprises need a democratic manner to guide the user's words and actions (especially negative) rather than force, to suppress the user words and deeds. ² wet path, the path of the wet market is the user's depth dialogue with the user (Conversation Marketing), and produced in the process of dialogue and confidence in the products of the brand. Wet path of another requirement is the depth of interactive experience, which requires the audience and Communication the demands of highly interactive, in-depth experience. If site for runners by Nike by downloading applications to the iPod, when measured running speed, distance, then the data enter the site, view exercise, and can be compared and friends exchange, the real form Shi marketing path. ² wet optimization, marketing does not mean that extensive wet-style, laissez-faire market. Wet optimization requires marketers continuously through the establishment of a dynamic database, dynamic analysis and optimization, it is often overlooked, such as in the marketing process, What has become your customers, why? kind of contact between our demands, but has not yet become our customers, why? through continuous optimization, we can step by step to higher marketing effectiveness and visibility. Austria Alabama campaign through the building each voter database for different voters to adopt a different strategy intensive. Third, the marketing results is wet. Wet the result of marketing the brand should be wet and wet sales. Wet the results of the marketing demands of users willing to spread the brand reputation, so that the spread of brand marketing activities will not end because the end, but continued to keep the same time, the end does not actually buy the product the end consumer behavior, but to share the start and recommend it to others to start. Trend 3: search engine advertisers to recognize that limited keyword PPC, search engine marketing platform for brands to get attention, the search engine and collaboration platform based on cross-media marketing precise shape is gradually formed the traditional advertisers to buy keyword is to promote sales, branding relationships with very little, and now more and more traditional brand advertisers paying attention to the search engine platform for brand promotion, search engine marketing is no longer limited to keyword. related survey , a considerable number of consumers through search engines to get more brand information to make better purchasing decisions. Search products often introduce the brand in the play, the role of new products, brand awareness among consumers has significant role in promoting. For advertisers, the search engine is the search for potential customers to the brand's intention to raise an important channel to buy, such as Nike and Baidu in early June was to build brand marketing partnership in Baidu its sports content and paste it, know that Nike and other products to provide search engine marketing and community marketing, Intel, Dell, Nokia, Lenovo and automotive industry, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and cosmetics industry, Dior, Chanel other brand advertisers were also established with the Baidu search engine brand marketing partnership. DCCI2009 year survey data show that the search engine area to reach the highest rate of Internet in all areas of the first, and Internet users through the search engines before shopping and information-related products has gradually develop the habit, these are the brand advertisers can not ignore search engine market Marketing and advertising role, therefore, pre-brand advertisers using search engine marketing success of the brand, the more advertisers will pay more attention to the brand brand search engine marketing. In particular our concern is to partner sites and its own media platform based on the search engine's ability to control the whole Internet has been upgraded, the Internet in the field of cross-media marketing is gradually taking shape With the rapid development of the media industry, we already in the pan-media age, in the end the audience the media is continuous, but in the media side, the various media is isolated, which is marketing a great deal of confusion, how to effectively control the various media, with the conditions to achieve effective multi-media coverage, improve marketing ROI become a problem.'s website search engine and its cross-media alliance makes it possible to track user behavior, so that the field of cross-media marketing network possible. Internet users search the contents of the search engines and content on the website of the information together, so that advertisers can understand the behavior of interest in the characteristics of their customers, and can be launched targeted marketing campaigns, advertising exposure on the frequency of objects and have more control over exposure. Trend 4: Comprehensive portal display advertising is experiencing the value of understanding and re-mining process, precise matching, as well as changing the way advertisers sell offers integrated Internet marketing services is the way out. Fragmentation of Internet traffic, search engine marketing impact Community and video media, such as the rapid growth of new media, in order to display ads on major portals based revenue caused by an increasing number of challenges; although the launch video portal, community class application services, but a short time is difficult from their own the benefits of new media advertising growth, it is difficult to replicate the successful model of social media, therefore, the portal shows way to the future of advertising lies in the following three main areas: (1) to change the traditional monthly, time-based advertising sales way; (2) intensive flow further by improving the precision match ads to display ads for the advertisers to bring a higher value; (3) to develop their own video ads and community forms of advertising, and advertisers to provide integrated marketing network services. Integrated portal for advertisers to now has been to provide a simple traditional media media network marketing model, to provide for the advertisers to the network from the network marketing theory, including a full set of marketing solutions and online brand building and integrated marketing services changes. Tencent has launched Tencent Group based on the product line, for advertisers, network marketing online brand solutions - "MIND" Tencent wisdom Sina also launched its own media, including media and online marketing methods the two major aspects of the "IMPACT" theoretical system, and Sohu also Sohu "MATRIX" Matrix marketing tool, Phoenix also has 4I for ROI of the marketing concept. In 2009, a comprehensive portal on marketing concepts for packaging and promotion, but also highly value the concept of landing and implementation. The marketing concept itself is very important, a good marketing idea is a strong advertising sales support, but the concept is not only effective marketing is a theory, but need specific aids in the floor under the real implementation, which is an integrated portal concept in marketing in 2010 to further the direction of force. Trend 5: TV ratings-based media planning and marketing decision-making system correspond to the structures of both online video and television media conversion between the value of evaluation index system for the development of a network video useful practice. After several years of rapid development of Internet video services already covered about 300 million users, the mainstream media and major marketing channel, but with the rapid development of Internet video services, in sharp contrast, the video site's advertising and marketing value of its traffic, audience size does not match advertisers, agents and even media for their own marketing staff awareness of online video marketing, operations there are not enough in-depth questions. Network video media and traditional media properties in television, sound and light show, etc. There are more similarities television advertising marketing and online video advertising and marketing can have a lot of butt, learn from in under the demands of integrated marketing, advertisers, agents the media environment for cross-media marketing measurement, impact assessment, cost estimates, media plans, the need for more specific calculation method as the basis basis and only to establish the basis for an effective method of unified planning, media docking, in order to cross-media integrated marketing truly, but in between traditional TV and online video, cross-media advertising and marketing measurement has been a lack of clear, unified foundation approach. online video marketing innovation more, but coordinated, consistent approach is relatively small. Media, agency communication and cooperation between advertisers and the high cost, large-scale growth of the market is difficult. Present on the middle and lower reaches of the advertisers, agencies, media and other three have a common understanding that only together form a relatively consistent calculation method, cost-effectiveness assessment, understanding and value of business rules in order to reduce communication, transaction, implementation costs, improve cooperation efficiency, marketing effectiveness, growth-related advertising market to heavy volume, into the normal cycle. Trend 6: With advertisers on the network continues to mature understanding of video marketing, precision marketing, integrated marketing will be the mainstream media should be actively building the corresponding video technology, innovative video marketing model to cope with future development in the early development of video marketing, domestic large part of the advertisers in the passive acceptance stage of education, video marketing, yet in-depth thinking, but some big advertisers / agencies accuracy of video marketing and integration has made the demand, whether it is primary or mature advertising advertisers main, the principles of their advertising and marketing is tracking the target groups in order to cover the full range of the target audience a variety of ways, so precision marketing, integrated marketing will be the development trend of network marketing, network marketing, as well as video marketing matures, advertisers this demand will continue to grow, so, in order to cope with future development of the video media should be actively preparing for all aspects, including product / channel design, the user base attribute data, behavioral data collection and marketing techniques and concepts in terms such as some of the video platform for users to browse through the use of video content to the user segment, the formation of different characteristics of the user sub-groups. help advertisers select the target audience for targeted advertising. In addition, the video features a network marketing model is advertiser / agency's preferences, but there is still a single video marketing mode, the video features needed to further tap the market value of the present video marketing products, marketing products with video features are Seeds video (embedded marketing), advertising or placement of advertising with video features activities, they constitute the mainstream of current video ad, but also many advertisers / agencies choose one of the reasons video marketing, video marketing, but the existing not truly reflect the characteristics of the video product marketing value, which is actively thinking about the industry in question but also advertisers / agencies looking forward to the results. the value of video marketing is distinguished from other features in the form of online video marketing model, in what form to show the industry still needs to explore. Trend 7: put the proportion of hard-Canton Community declining, based on the interpersonal "soft" marketing will become the mainstream of community marketing, but marketing to be relevant to further regulate the present network marketing community is still in the early days of network marketing products are still broad-based in hard, but hard-wide network of communities for a greater user experience injury, also failed to tap the depth of the marketing value of online community users, community media and other media, the biggest difference is that user data has a relatively authentic and real relationships, Therefore, the interaction between the brand and the user becomes more real, more trustworthy, easy to form a geometric form of propagation effects, so the long view, the online community the proportion of hard-wide delivery model will continue to decline, based on the interpersonal "soft" marketing into the mainstream of future community marketing based on relationships of "soft" can take advantage of community relations and marketing channels to multi-dimensional expansion of the relationship, such as community-based contact management, experience marketing, viral marketing, database marketing, and so on. However, implantation of different types of social media marketing differently, BBS forms of community because of its anonymous feature, can be implanted in a large-scale viral marketing, in addition to the online experience-based marketing is currently the implantation of a very mainstream marketing , in the new listing application in particular, marketing activities and more, to opinion leaders in the process-oriented marketing, word of mouth marketing has become one of the key points. Word of mouth is the Internet media to give consumers the opportunity to discuss brands and products, so consumers and brand-related interactions. In this process, the "opinion leaders" under the guidance of a positive evaluation and recommendation are positive behaviors that will help consumer product purchase decision. DCCI research data shows that consumer brand online contact, scattered in different points of contact, some contact points covering the brand audience more, and some contact information to pass more of the brand, there is a class of audience exposure to the brand's point of contact longer. enterprises and their consumers at different touch points of communication, to provide consumers the opportunity to experience different products, if the right way, will bring a touch point into the brand marketing of real tipping point in the evaluation of the effect of word of mouth, has also been quantitative analysis of some indicators, such as positive / negative word of mouth the number, keyword ranking, page views with brand information, attention, degree of adhesion, as well as characteristics of the user audience, have to become more word of mouth can be measured, but word of mouth marketing is currently still further standardize the market, on the one hand, many media, "navy", "Forum hatchet man" of the soft paper is not really soft, or even from verbal abuse, insults began competing products, this is the soft underbelly of word of mouth marketing; other On the one hand, with the CCTV exposure, "Network triad" has become a "navy" are synonymous with the new, I believe the future of reputation in the regulatory measures will not reduce, word of mouth marketing industry itself also needs to pay attention to further regulate their own behavior . Tends to 9: decentralized network media traffic, to the center of the trend intensifies, the evolution of ad networks from a simple pathway for the development of platform-style media operations through the technology of centralized procurement, distribution of delivery, in order to achieve precise effects of aggregation and marketing operations platform in the made significant progress in 2010. According to DCCI Netmonitor network monitoring data show that an integrated portal audience total number of page views monthly, and monthly total visit length accounted for 27.1% and 23.2%, two indicators in other areas outside the door of the proportion of the total of more than 70% or more, while the former ten in all areas outside the two indicators and an integrated portal almost flat, decentralized network media traffic, to the center of the trend further. media fragmentation, the spread of decentralized, audience fragmentation cases, by technology centralized purchasing, distribution of delivery, and achieve precise effects of aggregation and marketing operations platform is the real winner. Because, in the case of media fragmentation, through a single media influence the audience's more difficult, can be achieved only through centralized procurement technology platform large number of fragmented media, and then, through data mining technology for the distribution of precision-style delivery, in order to achieve effect of aggregation, precision marketing. In this context, ad networks have been developed from a simple web site owners and advertisers between advertising channels, advertising alliance evolving into a platform for media operations - more open, more accurate advertising, the use of advanced network advertising systems and advertising effectiveness monitoring technology platform for customer service, enabling advertisers, website owners and alliances to benefit themselves at the same time while the platform to further enhance the properties of the media, advertising alliance in recent years of rapid growth, its value is not limited to site owners and advertising the main intermediary between the advertising, operating platform, the inevitable direction of the media - that the content through the effective integration of its Web site, the content of the carrier to form a good system, its partner sites can provide a wealth of industry-related content, but also can be based on content accurate advertising. Tend 10: The future is not microblogging microblogging, but people-centered individual as the basic unit of the multilateral real-time interactive platform for multi-dimensional groups, advertisers will be an effective marketing platform for real-time, while new business microblogging chain opportunities and challenges, a variety of business models will be born. to understand the micro-Bo, positioning in the media is one-sided and dangerous. microblogging or is no longer blog, microblogging is only at this stage everyone can understand and accept a relatively tricky name, even twitter the future if not effectively expand, there has been more open distribution of x on demand structure of digestion possible. microblogging future, IM, email, IP Phone, RSS, SNS, space in the new structure of relationships and interpersonal interactions networks gradually be integrated in, open platform is the core, real-time interaction is the key, and based on the application architecture and back-office technology on human beings, the relationship between people and information to build their active association automatically associated with the realization of the effective interaction the key. Microblogging new business chain opportunities and challenges, a variety of business models will be born. Microblogging as a new media, and marketing of value from a function point of view, have provided us with a fresh element, of course, on the micro-Bo in the end the media or the media will not affect our discussion of its business and marketing value chain analysis, first, from the functional terms, microblogging focused on the following features: friends, interactive, real-time view sharing, interactive FAQ Archive (Facebook stress rival Google function), professional information dissemination, and public figures face to face communication and other functions; Second, according to the Twitter platform project leader 瑞恩萨瓦尔 (Ryan Sarver) in France at the Le Web conference to disclose the information, Twitter's business model, developers will use the application has been created to promote eco-system and distribution of income. In addition, he said, Twitter will be in late 2010 to the developers to the data flow. All this shows that the future will be a high degree Twitter open platform, only the current application (50 000 or so), the future will have more partners to participate in this open platform in the past, such as OneRiot, Seesmic, Tweetie, Tweetdeck Twitter these partners will be closely linked. open platform will bring more profit model, microblogging marketing and it has opened the door, is simply to do word of mouth started to communicate with consumers using a variety of applications, or to start a full range of marketing, we will continue to pay attention. (compile: China Research Center Search

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